10 tips to get your garage ready for Autumn

10 tips to get your garage ready for Autumn by Garageflex DIY

With Autumn on the horizon, there are a few things you can do to get your garage space ready for the colder months to come.  Here's our top ten tips to get your garage ready.

1. Install a threshold barrier to stop draughts and leaves from coming into your garage.

10 tips to get your garage ready for Autumn

2. Give the garage a good clean.  It might not be that easy to do but sweeping the floors and getting rid of cobwebs is a good start.

3. Put away Summer toys.  Once the paddling pools and water guns are not in use anymore, store them all away keeping them together so you know where everything is for next Summer.

4. Have a declutter. Even one corner of the garage is better than nothing and not too difficult to contemplate.  Start small and work your way around the space.

5. Organise your items into zones so they are easy to find. Create spaces for pet stuff, diy, crafts, toys etc. and you'll find it much easier to find what you're looking for.

10 tips to get your garage ready for Autumn

6.Take time to bring to the front items you might need in the coming months.  You aren't going to need outside furniture in the Winter so why not store that all out of the way, perhaps on the ceiling, until next year.

7. Make sure your lights work!  Nothing worse than going into the garage on a dark evening and realising you have still forgotten to repair the light, get it all in working order now.

8. Check your garage door works correctly.  If you don't open your door regularly now is the time to check it is all working well, there are no creaks, rusted sections or draughts coming in.

10 tips to get your garage ready for Autumn

9. Put down a good floor option.  Having a floor that is sturdy, non-slip and yet looks good is a must for any dusty concrete floor.

10. Store bikes on the wall or ceiling.  Put your precious bikes on the wall or ceiling to keep them safe and dry. Take a look at our Bike Storage ideas for more inspiration.

10 tips to get your garage ready for Autumn


If you would like any advice on sorting out your garage and making best use of the space, please do get in touch.  The team at Garageflex offer you the choice to have the garage designed and installed by our professional team or you can take the time to install it yourself.  We would be delighted to offer advice and assistance on both options.

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