5 Reasons to install your garage with Garageflex DIY

Having a clean, tidy and organised garage could be something you dream of.  But when it comes to actually getting it completed, how do you go about it?  The way we see it is that you have two options.  The first is to have our professional design and installation service, or you could buy our products online to install yourself at home.

5 Reasons to install your garage with Garageflex DIY

It is easy to understand the benefits of having our professional team do it for you such as creating the design based on your exact requirements, professional carpenters to install it and our after sales service.  But what about DIY?  Here are five reasons to do it yourself.

1.  Cost-effective option

To have Garageflex design and install your garage you are looking at a ballpark figure of between £7-12k depending on your exact garage size and requirements.  However, installing it yourself saves all of the labour costs.

2.  Start as small as you like

We have plenty of customers who start small such as installing one wall of FlexiPanel and some bike racks or laying our floor tiles.  Once they are happy with the process, then they tend to come back to us for more supplies to complete the full garage.

3.  Do it in your own time

This way you have the option to do as little or as much as you want when it suits you.  When Garageflex fit a garage we generally have a team on site to complete it in a few days but this way can do it at a time when suits you rather than waiting for a space in our fitters calendar.

4 Make it your hobby!

If you love DIY or are retired and looking for a project then this could be what you have been looking form.  We have a couple of previous customers who have taken genuine pleasure in taking their time over the installation process and have enjoyed every minute.

5.  Full advice service available

Is that hard we hear you say?  How do I do it?  We have the solution with our DIY with Design service as we provide support right through the process.

This means that we can guide you through the whole process starting with an initial chat to discuss exactly what you want to do.  Right through to providing you with a shopping list of products to buy and advice for actually installing it in your own garage.

Garageflex DIY with design

Looking for inspiration?

See what other DIY customers have achieved with their garage installations.

Garageflex DIY Garage Installation Makeover

Garageflex DIY Garage Installation Makeover

To find out more about this FREE service and to send in your enquiry, either call us on 01491 579975 or fill in our DIY form and we'll contact you as soon as possible.


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