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DIY Customer Testimonial

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In our last blog post we talked about two recent DIY customers who have fitted out their garage themselves.  We are delighted to now share one customer's story on why they decided to go down the DIY route and how he found the whole experience.

Mr N from West Sussex shares his thoughts:

"If you are reading this you are already on the Garageflex web site.  If you like what you see and plan to go ahead, your first decision will be do I go for the full installation by the
guy’s at Garageflex or do I DIY.

I decided to go for the DIY route. Why: Firstly both my garages were full of useful items and boxes of items from when we moved into this house 16 years ago, (we had downsized), I had said at the time that after being in the house for 6 months we would clear out anything that could not find a place in the house. So 16 years on I would finally have a clear out.

What would go and what would stay I had no idea. The other reason being I am now fully retried so time rich. This would-be an interesting project.

But would I be able to get a result anything near like the pictures on the web site. So I decided to just do a bit each month learning as I progressed and sorting out what I would
keep and what units I needed from the range of units on offer at Garageflex.

Was it difficult: no, if you are capable of fixing battens to your garage wall, then you can do
this. Once you have the battens in place the flex panels are very easy to fix to the battens, just cut to the length and screw on to the battens (screws with white coated heads are provided).  Make sure the base panel is level the rest just fit on top. You then just need to decide which units, you want to fix to the panels. 

Am I pleased with the result yes,(see pictures) not maybe as good as the guys from Garageflex would have done, but I have got a lot of pleasure in doing it myself.  The system is very flexible, easy to move sleeves and tool racks etc around if not in the right
place first time, very easy to clean and I trust you agree good to look at.

I am now about to start on garage two, and looking forward to working on that."

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