DIY Inspiration for your Garden Shed

Sorting out the garden shed can be a bit daunting, especially if it is a bit dark and has a lot of cobwebs.  However, taking the plunge and clearing it out could make a world of difference to how you use it in the future.

A recent Garageflex customer wanted to transform his shed into a clean, bright and organised space so he got in touch to see how we could help.

After visiting the property in South London, Design Consultant Abigail Leonard came up with a design solution.  Once cleared out, our professional team of fitters arrived on site to install the storage solution and we are delighted to share photos of the makeover here.

Although fitted out by our team, this is a DIY project that you could undertake yourself and below we've listed the items used in this project so you can buy online and recreate this in your home.



The Garden View

The finished result


Shopping List

If you would like to create this sort of thing in your garage, here are a list of items used that you can buy on our e-store.

If you would like to discuss your garden shed, or indeed your garage, get in touch to see how we can help on 01491 5977975 or email us at

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Clutter free space for you

Our aim is to help you tidy up your garage space, utilising the floor, ceiling and walls to create an organised area that's free from clutter.

If you are new to Garageflex please make sure you purchase all components you will need to make your dream space.