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Easy storage solutions for your garage: Bike Rack

If you are struggling to store your bikes in your garage then our new video is for you.  Here, we focus on our Vertical Bike Rack with FlexiTrack and provide a raft of information on how it works, load guidance and how to buy it from our e-store.

This Vertical Bike Rack is wall mounted so it is ideal for storing bikes in your garage.  This kit comes with a piece of 1220mm length of FlexiTrack which gets fixed to your existing garage wall and screwed into place.  

The rack then simply clicks in and lies flat against the FlexiTrack.   Each rack holds two bikes via the hook which the wheel can be locked into.  We recommend fitting the rack so that the bottom wheel sits on the floor to help with loading and unloading the bikes from the rack.

Having the right storage in place stops the bikes falling over and creating a domino effect, it also makes them easily accessible.  The rack is capable of holdings loads up to 22.6kg, is UL tested and we also offer a 10 year warranty to give you peace of mind.

Available to buy for £76.00 including VAT and carriage here.

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