Get your garage tidied in days

You may have decided to do some DIY whilst you are home over the next few weeks and months.  Perhaps sorting out the garage is on your list of things to do?

We have introduced a really straight forward storage option that gets your garage tidied as a very cost effective price.  All the cabinets and shelving is available at short notice, the floor tiles can be easily installed and within a very short time you could have a clean and tidy garage to cover all the basics.

If you are looking for some quick fixes to get everything more organised, why not look into our freestanding and cost-effective metal cabinet range.  They are very easy to install as they come fully made up and have adjustable shelves included too.

Garage Storage Cabinets    


Floor Tiles

Or you could instantly create a better looking garage with our range of Floor Tiles

Just reduced to £8.60 per tile! 

How many will I need?
To help you estimate how many you will need, four of our floor tiles cover 1 square metre.

So as an example, if your garage is 15 square metres, you would need to order 60 tiles.  For ramp edges, each of these edges are 500mm in width so two of these would cover one square metre.

Of course, if you would like some help with this, let us know.

Using a jig saw and rubber mallett, you'll have a brand new good looking garage floor in no time.  Buy now via our e-store.


Clutter free space for you

Our aim is to help you tidy up your garage space, utilising the floor, ceiling and walls to create an organised area that's free from clutter.

If you are new to Garageflex please make sure you purchase all components you will need to make your dream space.