How could you use your Ceiling Space?

How could you use your ceiling space

If you have a garage then chances are you will have some ceiling space that isn't being used.  Usually we store items on the floor, in shelving racks or even on the wall (as you can do with our wall storage systems), but what if you had the whole ceiling space to use too?  In this blog post, we'll look at some of the ways to utilise this space could make a real difference.

Overhead Storage Racks

Overhead Storage Rack for your Garage Ceiling

Hanging a storage rack from the ceiling could give you valuable space to use for items you don't need access to all the time.  Think Christmas decorations, lengths of timber, pipework or even outdoor furniture.  They are a very useful addition to any garage and our rack can be purchased with two lengths of PowerTrack which enables you to fix it securely to the ceiling.  To view the Storage Rack, click here.


Bike Hoists

Bike Hoists

Storing bikes on the ceiling is a great solution if you are short on space as they can be easily stored without cluttering up the floor.  The shot above shows where we installed a series of hoists for the customer in his garage, click here to see the full case study.

At present this hoist system is only available as part of our Design & Install service rather than a DIY option but we are hoping to get them on to our store soon.  You might like to look at our other Bike Storage options, click here to view.



Overhead Storage Hooks

Try adding hooks to the ceiling to get lots of extra space.  Choose from Adjustable T Racks which you can adjust the height that it drops from the ceiling, D Racks which can hold sleds, timber, pipes, ladders and fishing rods or even Ring Hooks which can hold paint.  There are so many solutions available for whatever you want to store!

Click here to see the full range of Ceiling Hooks.


Ceiling Cladding

Sealing up the whole ceiling with our panel can stop dust and spiders from coming into the garage. We use a similar product to our wall cladding to completely seal up the ceiling and give you a brighter space.  Currently only available with our Design & Install service, it gives a great finish to your garage.


Loft Hatches

Some garages have huge ceiling spaces that can be used for storage with some customers opting to have a loft hatch installed.  This provides a clean and bright garage with even more storage available via a loft ladder.  Also available as part of our Design and Install service from our dedicated team of fitters.

Hopefully you have found this blog useful, do let us know if you  have any questions on the items we've highlighted.

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