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How do you store smaller items such as pins, fasteners, pencils and paints?

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The answer is with our small storage bins.  These are a great way to store smaller items together without losing them.

What can they be used for?

Anything that is fairly small can go in one of these bins and you can write the name on the bin if you so wish too.

Each bin measures 104mm (W), 76mm (H), 109mm (D)

How can I mount them on my wall?

Mount them to your garage wall using our dedicated Docking Station. Or if you are not an existing customer and don't yet have FlexiTrack or FlexiPanel on your garage wall, you can purchase a small length to easily put them on.

Can I keep them on my worktop?

Yes absolutely!  The bins are ideal for stacking or keeping on your workbench.

How much are they?

The bins come in a pack of six at a cost of £61 including postage and packing.

What colours do they come in?

We are delighted that you can now buy them in yellow or grey.

Do you stock any other sizes?

Yes, we stock a medium or large size which you can combine along with the smaller bins.


How do I buy them?

Click here to buy the small storage bins today.

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