How does FlexiPanel fit to the wall?

One thing we are often asked is, how does our FlexiPanel attach to the garage wall.  

If the FlexiPanel is going to be mounted on a timber stud wall, we would recommend marking the stud centrelines using an electronic stud finder.  If the wall is brick, the first job is to add in timber battens to the garage wall.  Our professional fitters generally use 2 x 2 treated timber lengths secured at 400mm intervals as shown in this photo below.

how does flexi panel get installed on the garage wall

Once you have this in place you can start adding in your FlexiPanel.  Always start at the bottom of the wall and make sure you the wall is straight and level against the floor.  Some garage floors have sloping areas to help with drainage so it is worth checking this.  If you want to put it flush against the floor, you can trim the first piece of panel. 

Each length of FlexiPanel is then attached to the timber battens to give them strength.  To see full details of how to install it on your garage wall, please click here for the assembly instructions.

Once complete, your garage wall will look as good as this!

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