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How to store your Summer fizz with style

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Store your Summer fizz in style with the Garageflex Wall Mounted Wine Rack

When it comes to storing your favourite tipple ready for the next BBQ or celebration, the question must be how to store it?

A number of articles say that you shouldn't store your wine in the garage as the fluctuation in temperatures won't help the wine develop.  And who are we to argue with the experts!  However, sometimes you just don't have another storage area so the garage in some instances will have to do.

Wherever you decide to store it, you need to have a rack of some sort and our wall mounted wine rack allows you to utilise your garage (or shed, basement, cellar or under the stairs) wall to mount the wine rack on.  Use several together to create your very own wine area!

Our wine rack allows you to store your bottles vertically as many an expert advocates and keeps them in easy reach, ready for your next celebration. 

Our racks can be purchased as a stand alone item for those customers who already have Garageflex installed in their garage.  Or you can buy them with a length of our FlexiTrack which easily attaches to your garage wall with a little diy.

Starting at just £33.95, why not visit our accessories page to find out more.

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