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New DIY Storage Options for your Garage

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We know that not everyone is ready to undertake a full transformation of their garage by our professional fitters and that sometimes you want to start small and do it yourself.  That's why we've created some easy storage kits to get you started with your very own garage transformation.

All of our new kits include our FlexiTrack to add to your garage wall.  Its a simple process as shown below in our new video.  In this, our fitter Mark gives you a step by step guide to installing FlexiTrack on the garage wall.  All you need are a drill and a spirit level, we'll provide the FlexiTrack, raw plugs and screws.

We've split the kits into three different categories which include general accessories and then we've scaled it up with a bike storage and garden storage option.

General Storage

Our general storage kits include a length of FlexiTrack which is 1220mm long but it can be cut to fit your space.  Then we've added in some hooks with the option of shelves and brackets to start you off.

Bike Storage

The bike options include the FlexiTrack along with one or two Vertical Bike Racks and hooks to hold all your cycling gear including helmets, snacks and clothing.

Gardening Storage

Our Gardening Rack is the star of this storage kit and is included in both options along with hooks and a shelf is added in to option 2 to give you more flexibility.

Of course this is just a start.  We have plans to extend this range so if you have any requirements or thoughts on what else you would like to see please do let us know.


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