New Products Added: PVC Industrial Cleaner and Shelf Liners

We are delighted to announce that we've added three new products to our e-store collection today which include a PVC Industrial Cleaner for use with your FlexiPanel and FlexiTrack, and also Shelf Liners for our 600mm and 1200mm Shelves.

PVC Industrial Cleaner

Garageflex Industrial PVC Floor Cleaner

The FX8009B Industrial PVC Cleaner removes grease and dirt from your FlexiPanel and FlexiTrack to keep them looking fresh.  It is applied to the surface of the FlexiPanel or FlexiTrack with a clean colourfast cloth, wipe away any contamination and then polish with a clean, dry cloth.

To buy yours now, click here.

600mm Shelf Liner

Shelf Liner for 600mm Shelf by Garageflex

The FX7005C 600mm Shelf Liner has been introduced after customers asked for a more solid shelving option.  To this end, we have brought in this Shelf Liner which exactly fits our 600mm shelf making it a great option if you wish to store bottles and smaller items on your shelf without them falling through the gaps.

Available in packs of one or two.

1200mm Shelf Liner

1200mm Shelf Liner by Garageflex

The FX7005 1200mm Shelf is one of our best sellers and yet we are often asked whether we have any shelves which are solid.  To this end, we have introduced a new Shelf Liner which is made to exactly fit our 1200mm shelf and allow you the flexibility of storing items on the shelf without them falling through the gaps.

Available to buy in packs of one or two.

Coming soon will be a new Wine Rack.  If you have any other products that you would like us to bring into our range then please do let us know.

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