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Real examples of DIY Installations

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As well as offering a Design & Install service for our customers, we also offer the opportunity to buy our products to install yourself at home.  And that's exactly what these customers have done.

West Sussex Case Study

Mr N from West Sussex got in contact with us in 2016 and started off by buying our FlexiPanel.  From there he went on to purchase hooks, tip out bins, baskets, brackets and tool holders.  And the result looks fantastic!  He now has a place for all his tools and DIY items, and won't be needing to search through lots of stuff to find just what he needs.  Plus he can display his collection of caps and interesting memorabilia.

West Sussex DIY Installation of Garageflex products February 2017

Worcestershire Case Study

In addition, in January 2017 we got a call from Mr N in Worcestershire who was keen to install our products in his garage himself but needed some help in determining the right design for his garage. 

Alastair Broom was delighted to speak to Mr N to determine exactly what he wanted to do and store so he could help him create a garage that suited his lifestyle.  With measurements of the garage sent over, Alastair was able to send back a design of how the garage could look, which products could be used and how much it would all cost by buying the products on our e-store.  After a few conversations to slightly tweak the designs, Mr N was happy with the concept and purchased all the items online. 

It worked so well in fact that we have now introduced this as a new service called DIY with Design.  Click here to find out more.

Worcestershire Before and After Garage Installation - DIY

To find out more about how we can help you, you may wish to look at our complete Garageflex site, click here to visit.

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