Recreate this look in your own garage
Recreate this look in your garage
It is so easy to add storage into your garage, whether for tools, garden supplies or diy.  This image shows a recent garage installation by our fitting team but it is a very easy diy project to do yourself.
So in this blog we are going to show you what you need to buy and how you can get it all fixed up on your garage wall in just a few hours (or less if you are very handy...)
It doesn't matter what size space you have available as our FlexiTrack (seen here as the horizontal track across the wall) comes in lengths of 2460mm but can easily be cut to fit your space using a mitre, table or circular saw.
So what do you need to buy?

How do you install it to your wall?

We have a great little video to show you, here's one of our fitters doing it all on his own but if you have an extra pair of hands to help that would be good too.

How about tools?
We recommend:
  • Electric screwdriver or drill with Phillips driver bit
  • Stud finder (or small brad nails)
  • Spirit level and pencil
  • Safety glasses

What's next?

To be honest you can add so many other things to the FlexiTrack, from Bike Racks to shelves.  And of course, we would love to see a photo of your finished project!

Clutter free space for you

Our aim is to help you tidy up your garage space, utilising the floor, ceiling and walls to create an organised area that's free from clutter.

If you are new to Garageflex please make sure you purchase all components you will need to make your dream space.