Spotlight on... FlexiTrack
Wall storage for your garage from Garageflex
What is FlexiTrack
FlexiTrack are smaller lengths of our panel that install on your garage wall.  Instead of panelling the whole wall, FlexiTrack is designed to be used as a one-off length that you can put on your wall and attach storage accessories to.
What are the dimensions?
Each length of FlexiTrack is 2460mm long and 150mm in width.  Is this bigger than your available space?  Don't worry, it is very easy to cut the length to your preferred size with a saw.  Just add on some end caps to tidy up the edges.
FlexiTrack garage storage end cap


How do you install it?

It is very easy to install, you need simple DIY tools such as a drill, raw plugs, electric screwdriver and a spirit level. 

This short video shows just how easy it is.


What can I put on it?

Once you  have the length installed on your garage wall you can add various hooks, brackets and shelves to it.  The track has two channels running along the length which storage accessories slot into.

You can even put bike racks on there to keep everything organised.


Where can I put it?

We obviously use it all the time in garages but it would work equally well anywhere that has a wall you can drill into such as basements, outhouses or utility rooms.

To find out more about FlexiTrack, please click here to visit the main page.
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Clutter free space for you

Our aim is to help you tidy up your garage space, utilising the floor, ceiling and walls to create an organised area that's free from clutter.

If you are new to Garageflex please make sure you purchase all components you will need to make your dream space.