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How does FlexiPanel fit to the wall?

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One thing we are often asked is, how does our FlexiPanel attach to the garage wall.   If the FlexiPanel is going to be mounted on a timber stud wall, we would recommend marking the stud centrelines using an electronic stud finder.  If the wall is brick, the first job is to add in timber battens to the garage wall.  Our professional fitters generally use 2 x 2 treated timber lengths secured at 400mm intervals as shown in this photo below. Once you have this in place you can start adding in your FlexiPanel.  Always start at the bottom of...

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DIY Customer Testimonial

case study customer diy diy installation do it yourself examples flexipanel home installation review sussex testimonial

In our last blog post we talked about two recent DIY customers who have fitted out their garage themselves.  We are delighted to now share one customer's story on why they decided to go down the DIY route and how he found the whole experience. Mr N from West Sussex shares his thoughts: "If you are reading this you are already on the Garageflex web site.  If you like what you see and plan to go ahead, your first decision will be do I go for the full installation by theguy’s at Garageflex or do I DIY.I decided to go...

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Real examples of DIY Installations

case study diy diy installation do it yourself examples flexipanel home installation sussex worcestershire

As well as offering a Design & Install service for our customers, we also offer the opportunity to buy our products to install yourself at home.  And that's exactly what these customers have done. West Sussex Case Study Mr N from West Sussex got in contact with us in 2016 and started off by buying our FlexiPanel.  From there he went on to purchase hooks, tip out bins, baskets, brackets and tool holders.  And the result looks fantastic!  He now has a place for all his tools and DIY items, and won't be needing to search through lots of stuff...

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