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Renting? Try FlexiTrack for your storage needs

flexitrack garage storage property renting storage

One of our very first customers near to our offices in Henley on Thames recently moved house and wanted to take his Garageflex units with him.  He told us that he loved his garage system and knew he would want to have it again in his next garage. Unfortunately, he had moved into long term rental and with lots of “stuff” to store. Given it was a rental property, he didn’t want to spend too much on someone’s else’s house so Alastair Broom suggested he put everything he could on our FlexiTrack system. The customer thought this was a great...

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How to store your Summer fizz with style

champagne rack champagne storage drink storage fizz storage garage rack garage storage wine wine rack wine storage

When it comes to storing your favourite tipple ready for the next BBQ or celebration, the question must be how to store it? A number of articles say that you shouldn't store your wine in the garage as the fluctuation in temperatures won't help the wine develop.  And who are we to argue with the experts!  However, sometimes you just don't have another storage area so the garage in some instances will have to do. Wherever you decide to store it, you need to have a rack of some sort and our wall mounted wine rack allows you to utilise...

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Wimbledon Fever is almost upon us. Grab your rackets...

garage storage sports rack sports storage storage rack tennis tennis rack tennis storage wimbledon

It's almost that time of year when the emerald green courts of Wimbledon will fill our screens and we'll all get Murray Mania again (we hope).  And on a beautiful Summer's day, playing in a tennis match is a lovely way to spend a morning. But where do you actually store your rackets, balls and other items? We have the answer.  Our very useful Tennis Storage Rack is ideal for storing two to three rackets plus space for balls, caps and other bits and pieces as well. Store it either on FlexiPanel if you already have our storage products in...

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Looking for Wall Cabinets for your Garage?

cabinets cabints cupboards garage storage garage wall metal pl plastic range shelving wall wall racking wall storage

The Garageflex range of cabinets for your garage wall include standard moulded polypropylene (plastic) as well as our premium metal range. Both are ideal for storing your garage items out of the way behind closed doors which not only helps with tidying up the place, it also helps with safety of harmful materials.  This short video showcases the two options we offer and provides inspiration of how they can be incorporated into your garage storage scheme.  To see our full range available to buy online click here.  Metal Cabinets are not yet available for online ordering but can be purchased...

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Three simple tips to declutter your garage

blog ceiling declutter decluttering garage garage storage news storage storage solutions tidying wall storage

With our busy lives and habit of collecting things, its inevitable that the garage becomes a storage area filled with clutter. The thought of decluttering the space is a daunting thought but its not that difficult once you know where to start. And our three little tips below will get you on the right path to decluttered garage storage heaven. Sort out the contents Start by sorting the contents into piles of similar things such as CDs, toys, books, sports equipment etc. and whether you use them frequently or not. It is also very likely that you have boxes stored...

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