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Looking for Wall Cabinets for your Garage?

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The Garageflex range of cabinets for your garage wall include standard moulded polypropylene (plastic) as well as our premium metal range. Both are ideal for storing your garage items out of the way behind closed doors which not only helps with tidying up the place, it also helps with safety of harmful materials.  This short video showcases the two options we offer and provides inspiration of how they can be incorporated into your garage storage scheme.  To see our full range available to buy online click here.  Metal Cabinets are not yet available for online ordering but can be purchased...

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Maximising Your Garage Space: Walls and Ceilings

bulky garage items clearing garage floor decluttering garage ceiling garage storage garage wall

Storage is an inevitable issue in many households and, the tendency is that the garage becomes a place to store all sorts of equipment, tools, and other items. As such, tidying it up and making sure that its space is maximised can be a challenge to many. So, what are the things that you can do to make the most of the space in your garage? You need not look far because what you need can be found within the garage itself: the walls and the ceiling. Make use of the garage walls Chances are you store everything on the...

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