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How do you store your skis?

ski rack ski storage skiing storage storage rack

Store your skis without the hassle with the Garageflex Ski Storage Rack

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How could you use your Ceiling Space?

ceiling ceiling storage storage storage solutions

If you have a garage then chances are you will have some ceiling space that isn't being used.  Usually we store items on the floor, in shelving racks or even on the wall (as you can do with our wall storage systems), but what if you had the whole ceiling space to use too?  In this blog post, we'll look at some of the ways to utilise this space could make a real difference. Overhead Storage Racks Hanging a storage rack from the ceiling could give you valuable space to use for items you don't need access to all the...

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DIY Inspiration for your Garden Shed

bike storage garden shed storage

Sorting out the garden shed can be a bit daunting, especially if it is a bit dark and has a lot of cobwebs.  However, taking the plunge and clearing it out could make a world of difference to how you use it in the future. A recent Garageflex customer wanted to transform his shed into a clean, bright and organised space so he got in touch to see how we could help. After visiting the property in South London, Design Consultant Abigail Leonard came up with a design solution.  Once cleared out, our professional team of fitters arrived on site...

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10 Essential items for your garage that you shouldn’t be without

essential garage items essentials garage garage makeover garageflex storage

Whether you are moving into a new home or just looking to tidy up, here are a few essential items that every garage should have.  Not only will you be able to find things as and when you need them, your garage becomes a safer and happier place to be. 1.  Good lighting.  Essential in order not to strain your eyes during DIY projects, good lighting is a must for any well ordered garage.  Think about installing portable lights to find any items that fall on the floor. 2. Wall storage.  Make use of all your wall space by installing either FlexiPanel...

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How do you store smaller items such as pins, fasteners, pencils and paints?

bins blog grey small storage storage bins yellow

The answer is with our small storage bins.  These are a great way to store smaller items together without losing them. What can they be used for? Anything that is fairly small can go in one of these bins and you can write the name on the bin if you so wish too. Each bin measures 104mm (W), 76mm (H), 109mm (D) How can I mount them on my wall? Mount them to your garage wall using our dedicated Docking Station. Or if you are not an existing customer and don't yet have FlexiTrack or FlexiPanel on your garage wall,...

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