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Spotlight on... FlexiTrack

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What is FlexiTrack FlexiTrack are smaller lengths of our panel that install on your garage wall.  Instead of panelling the whole wall, FlexiTrack is designed to be used as a one-off length that you can put on your wall and attach storage accessories to. What are the dimensions? Each length of FlexiTrack is 2460mm long and 150mm in width.  Is this bigger than your available space?  Don't worry, it is very easy to cut the length to your preferred size with a saw.  Just add on some end caps to tidy up the edges.   How do you install it?...

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New Product Launch: Wall Mounted Wine Rack

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We are delighted to share with you our new product launched today which is a Wall Mounted Wine Rack.  Each rack can hold six bottles of wine and fits easily onto FlexiPanel or FlexiTrack. Please click here to buy. The price is as follows: One Rack - £33.95 Two Racks - £60.00 Three Racks - £81.00 Four Racks - £102.00 If you don't have any Garageflex wall panelling installed in your garage, don't worry.  You can buy a small length of FlexiTrack which attaches directly to your garage wall and can be purchased for just £24.00 making the total package...

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Looking for Wall Cabinets for your Garage?

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The Garageflex range of cabinets for your garage wall include standard moulded polypropylene (plastic) as well as our premium metal range. Both are ideal for storing your garage items out of the way behind closed doors which not only helps with tidying up the place, it also helps with safety of harmful materials.  This short video showcases the two options we offer and provides inspiration of how they can be incorporated into your garage storage scheme.  To see our full range available to buy online click here.  Metal Cabinets are not yet available for online ordering but can be purchased...

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Three simple tips to declutter your garage

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With our busy lives and habit of collecting things, its inevitable that the garage becomes a storage area filled with clutter. The thought of decluttering the space is a daunting thought but its not that difficult once you know where to start. And our three little tips below will get you on the right path to decluttered garage storage heaven. Sort out the contents Start by sorting the contents into piles of similar things such as CDs, toys, books, sports equipment etc. and whether you use them frequently or not. It is also very likely that you have boxes stored...

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