Want a tough yet smart floor finish for your garage floor?

When it comes to updating your garage floor its best to go for something that is cost effective, looks smart and provides a safe place for all the family.  

Floor tiles are an effective solution for your dusty garage floor as they are relatively inexpensive yet provide a good solid floor finish.

Each tile measures 500x500mm and fit together using an interlocking system, without the need for glue, nails or screws. And with a thickness of just 7mm, the floor height is not unnecessarily increased.

Tiles offer many benefits over a standard concrete floor with the main points being they help insulate your garage from the cold and damp, reduce dust and create an even surface to avoid trips and falls. They are installed in many commercial premises where heavy machinery, cars and forklifts are used giving added peace of mind that your tiles will be long lasting.

Made from PVC in the UK, Garageflex are delighted to offer these floor tiles in a variety of colours. They are available to buy on our e-store from just £8.85 per tile including delivery and VAT. Installation is fairly straightforward if you are competent in DIY and we suggest using a JigSaw or similar to get a clean line when cutting them to fit your space. 

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If you have any questions, or if you would prefer to have Garageflex install your tiles for you please click here to go back to the main site or email us.

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Clutter free space for you

Our aim is to help you tidy up your garage space, utilising the floor, ceiling and walls to create an organised area that's free from clutter.

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