FX8009E Natural Power Floor Cleaner 946ml


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The FX8009E, Natural Power Floor Claner is an industrial strength cleaner designed to be used on any floor surface and is formulated for use on household and industrial flooring.  The cleaner is in concentrated form and 1 oz should be mixed with hot / warm water for use.  

The product is:

- PH Neutral

- Environmentally friendly

- 100% non-toxic and non-hazardous

- Recommended for use with both a mop and bucket, and with a pressure cleaner

Product Details:

Part Number: FX8009E
Dimensions: 32 fl oz / 946ml in one bottle
Shipping Method: Courier

Package Contents: 1 x Natural Power Floor Cleaner (32 fl oz/946ml) and instructions on how to use.

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