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Garageflex Horizontal Bike Rack for storing bikes off the floor

FX2005A Horizontal Bike Rack with FlexiTrack - the complete solution!


The FX2005 Horizontal Bike Rack with FlexiTrack is the complete storage solution to get your bike off of the floor and onto the garage wall.

This solution includes our bestselling Horizontal Bike Rack to store your bike and accessories, as well as two lengths of our patented FlexiTrack to install it to your garage wall.

What is FlexiTrack? It is a length of our white panel which easily attaches to your garage wall and this rack simply clips into it.  The lengths of FlexiTrack supplied is 900mm each but they can easily be cut to fit your available space.

Want to know how to add FlexiTrack to your garage wall?  All you need is a drill and spirit level.  We provide the FlexiTrack, raw plugs and white headed screws.  See our short video to find out a step by step guide to installation.

Product Details:

Part Number: FX2005
Load Capacity: 18kg UL rated
Dimensions: FlexiTrack is 2 x 900mm long, Horizontal Bike Rack is 71cm (W), 32cm (H), 41cm (D)
Shipping Method: Courier
Assembly Required: Yes
Assembly Difficulty: Minor.  Click here to see the assembly sheet for FlexiTrack and here for the assembly sheet for the bike rack.

Package Contents: 1 x Horizontal Bike Rack, 2 x 900mm long pieces of FlexiTrack, all screws, endcaps and assembly sheets.

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