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Medium storage bins for storing small items in your garage

FX3006 Medium Storage Bins x 2


The FX3006 Medium Storage Bin set comes with two bins and can be used either with our Bin Docking Station or on your counter top.  Each bin has a slotted space for a label and can be used for storing fasteners, hobby, craft or gardening bits and pieces.

Product Details
Part Number:  FX3006      
Load Capacity:  27kg, UL Rated
Dimensions:  139mm (W), 127mm (H), 279mm (D)
Shipping Weight: 2.7kg
Shipping Method:Courier
Assembly Required: No
Assembly Difficulty: None  
Related Installation Requirements: None, can be stored and stacked as individual pieces or mounted on the Bin Docking Station (FX3011).
Package Contents:  2 x medium storage bins.

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