Garageflex Interlocking Floor Tile 7mm Thickness - Raised Disk

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  • Premium design and pvc material

  • 10 year warranty

  • Fast fix system

  • Easy to install with basic tools

  • No glue required

  • Use our Floor Tile Calculator.

"If you are looking for an instant transformation these are perfect. A stained rough concrete garage floor was transformed in next to no time to something to be proud of, you can even put the kitchen mop over it to keep it looking clean" - customer review

A garage as smart as your home

 A messy garage is an eyesore and it can be tough to keep it clean. Not only is a cluttered garage inconvenient, it can also be dangerous. You could trip on something or worse, slip and fall on a wet surface. A Garageflex tile is the perfect choice they're durable and easy to clean so you'll never have to worry about messes again.

Installing a new floor can be a daunting task. 

Not only is it difficult to know what you're doing when installing a new floor, but it's also incredibly expensive to get it wrong and you're left with wasted money and extra work.

Garageflex offers an easy installation process that takes just minutes per square metre. Our tiles are made from PVC so they're water resistant and durable. Plus, our range of colours means that there's something for everyone.

The toughest tiles

Most garage floor tiles on the market are not designed for use in areas where forklifts and heavy vehicles are used, which can cause damage over time. If you're looking for a durable garage floor tile that can handle the weight of a forklift, then you need Garageflex. Our industrial grade tiles are perfect for the garage environment. Not only are our tiles durable, but they're also easy to install. Simply snap them together and you're done. Plus, they come in a variety of colours to match your style.

No glue, no fuss, no mess.

Even if you do everything perfectly, there's always a chance that other floors could start coming loose or that the adhesive might not hold up over time. Garageflex offers an easy installation process that takes just minutes with no mess or fuss. Plus, our tiles are made from durable PVC meaning they will last for years without showing any signs of wear and tear.

Check out how many floor tiles you need by using our Floor Tile Calculator.

Our premium range of floor tiles are made in the UK from PVC and are installed via an interlocking system.  Each tile measures 500x500mm and has a thickness of 7mm.  To work out how many you will need for your garage space, please note that 4 tiles can cover 1 square metre of space.

The coin top/raised disk design has excellent anti-slip functionality. It is designed so that chemical and liquid spillages are channeled through the discs, rather than settling on the walking surface.

Our premium range are very sturdy with a thickness of 7mm and are a perfect choice for giving a quality feel to your garage floor.  Plus we also offer a 10 year warranty on each and every premium tile.

For further technical specifications on our Premium Range of Floor Tiles, please see our recent blog post.

These tiles are very straightforward to lay for a competent DIY person, the only thing to bear in mind is cutting around the edges to make them as neat as possible.  Click here if you wish to see a short video on installation.

We have been supplying tiles into commercial and domestic garages for a number of years but there are some important considerations to take into account regarding Catalytic Converters and staining from car tyres.  Please read our FAQ on the website regarding this issue before you decide to buy.

If you would like us to lay them for you, please get in touch for a quote by emailing us at

Please do let us know when ordering if there are any access restrictions so that we can ensure the pallet is delivered on a lorry that can access your road.  If the lorry can not deliver the goods either because it can not get to your property or you are not in and you have not let us know where it can be safely left, you may incur a redelivery charge.

What size are your Floor Tiles?

Each tile measures 500 x 500mm

What is the thickness of your garage floor tile?

Each tile has a thickness measurement of 7mm.

How many Tiles make up one square metre?

To cover one square metre of garage floor, you will need four Tiles.  

How can I work out how many tiles I will need?

To work out the number of tiles you will need, you can either click here to visit our Floor Calculator [to be provided] or measure your space.  You should then take the width of your space and times it by the length to get an overall square metre size of your space.  This is then multiplied by 4 to get how many tiles you will need.

Do you offer ramp edges?

Yes our ramp edges provide a smooth entry and exit to your garage.  Each ramp edge measures 500mm x 70mm and simply clicks into the tile edge.

What is the difference between a Smooth Tile and a Raised Disk.

Our Smooth Floor Tiles have an orange peel type patter which is not very noticeable, where as our Raised Disk tiles have a coin top surface. The “coin top” has smooth edges so is not a dust / dirt trap.

Can your flooring be used in the garage?

Yes, our Floor Tiles are ideal for the garage space as they are designed for use in areas where forklifts and heavy vehicles are used.

How do the flooring tiles get installed?

Each tile has an interlocking edge around it so it simply clicks into the next tile.  You don’t need any nails, screws or glue as the weight of each tile holds the next one in place.  

How can the tiles be cut?

Any saw will do the job but it is best to use a hand-held Jig saw. 

Do the tiles fit tight against the walls?

All tiles will expand / contract in changing heat so a gap of approximately 5mm to 7mm should be left against all walls and pillars.

What are floor tiles made of?

The tiles are manufactured from impact resistant heavy duty PVC and so we believe they offer a better solution for your residential garage than other options such as porcelain or ceramic tiles. We find they also offer greater warmth and insulation than having just a concrete floor.

How long does your flooring last for?

The Floor Tiles that we install have a lifespan of over 20 years. We offer a 10 year warranty and, in the unlikely event that a tile is damaged, it can be easily lifted and replaced in a matter of minutes.

What about if I have water in my garage?

Our tiles will not absorb any water. If your garage floor has a slope, the water may run down that slope or it may remain on the floor. The inter-locking is very tight so water finds it difficult to seep through the joints.

Can the flooring tiles be laid over my current floor?

Our tiles can be laid directly over your current concrete floor and cover up any small imperfections. If your floor is very uneven it may be sensible to have a self-levelling compound laid first t ogive a better finish.

I have a dusty garage floor, will your floor tiles help?

Yes absolutely!  Having our floor tiles laid in your garage will reduce the amount of dust coming off of your concrete floor.

How can I buy your floor tiles?

You can buy them from our DIY store or you can include them as part of a larger garage makeover project.

Do you install the floor tiles?

Yes, we offer an installation service.  Please email us to get a quote.

Do the floor tiles provide any insulation for the garage?

Tiles create a superior work surface, provide a degree of insulation from the cold and damp, and offer a non-slip surface 

How much weight can your floor tiles take?

Our Floor Tiles will not lift, curl or bubble and can hold 6 times the weight of a car 

How do you clean the garage floor tiles?

To clean our floor tiles, we recommend you sweep them regularly and use a damp mop once a month.

Can these tiles be used outside?

We don’t recommend using our floor tiles outside.

Are the Floor Tiles recyclable?

Tiles are 100% recyclable 

Do the floor tiles absorb any noise?

Yes, our Floor Tiles absorb noise up to 46 db.

I have a Cataylic Converter on my car, is it still ok to lay these floor tiles?

Heat from a catalytic converter may cause the tiles directly under the converter to expand. This is only a temporary issue and the tiles will shrink back to their original size once the heat source has been removed.

Can a car tyre stain the floor tile?

Unfortunately, hot, rubber tyres will stain almost every type of floor including bare concrete, painted and vinyl flooring. The stain is a chemical reaction and will not damage the tiles or impact on their durability.  Therefore if you plan to use your garage for a car, it is worth considering a darker colour such as graphite or dark grey.

What colours do your floor tiles come in?

Our Raised Disk Floor Tiles come in Black, Graphite, Dark Grey, Light Grey and Dark Blue. Our Smooth Floor Tiles come in all of the above plus Red, Yellow and Green.

How are the Floor Tiles delivered?

Depending on how many you order, they are usually sent on a pallet via our courier company.  

How long is delivery?

If we have the colour and pattern in stock then delivery will be in just a few days but you will be told of any delays.

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