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GSMSLTE Button Bracket - 10 Pcs

GSMSLTE Button Bracket - 10 Pcs


The GSMSLTE Button Bracket installs on FlexiPanel or FlexiTrack and is used for attaching thin items to the wall.  

Can be used with items such as the fire extinguisher, first aid kit, bins and racks.  This bracket is a lighter version of the Hang All Bracket.  

There is a split collapsible post on the face of the bracket which passes through the item to be hung on the wall or track. A button then snaps over the post, fastening your object in place. The maximum thickness of your item is 3mm using the button and 6mm when the button is not used. See the assembly instructions for further details.

Product Details
Part Number: GSMSLTE           
Load Capacity:  4.5kg, UL rated
Dimensions: 5cm (W), 5.7cm (H), 0.6cm (D)
Shipping Weight: 0.4kg
Shipping Method: Courier
Assembly Required: Yes
Assembly Difficulty: Minor, Assembly Sheet
Related Installation Requirements: Installs on FlexiPanel or FlexiTrack
Package Contents:  10 x Button Brackets and 1 x Assembly Sheet.

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