A typical garage has three walls that can be used for storage so why not add in some wall cabinets, shelves or racks to make the most of your garage space.

To install our wall storage accessories you first need to add in our FlexiPanel or FlexiTrack.    Once one of these options is installed you can add shelves, cabinets, hooks and hangers by simply clicking them into the groove.  And then can easily be moved around as and when you want to. 

FlexiPanel for your garage wall lets you store items on your garage wall with flexibility Garageflex  FlexiTrack for your garage wall storage solutions www.diyyourgarage.co.uk

Both of these options are available for DIY home installation.  If you need some help with the design of your garage space to ensure that are making the most of it, click on the button below to visit our DIY with Design page.



To see what storage options are available for your garage wall click on one of the buttons below to find out more.

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