FX0006 Mobile Cabinet | 800mm (W), 600mm (D), 980mm (H) | Other Colours Available


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NOTE: These cabinets are made to order and delivery will be within 3-4 weeks of purchase.

This Cabinet is ideal if you want to move it around the garage via its push - pull handle.  It comes with a lino worktop and four 125mm diametre castor set, two of which have a brake.

The housing is Light Grey with the top, bottom and fronts having the option of four colours.

Garageflex metal cabinet range colours

Product Details

Part Number:  FX0006  
Load Capacity:  Each drawer can take 75kg
Dimensions:  800mm (W), 600mm (D), 980mm (H)
Shipping Method: Courier
Assembly Required: No - it is fully assembled ready to place in your garage
Package Contents:  1 x Mobile Cabinet with five drawers

What are the options for metal cupboards in my garage?

We have a good selection of cupboard storage for your garage including a Tall Cabinet, Base Unit, Wall Cabinet, Mobile Cabinet and a Metal Drawer Unit.

What can I use one of these metal cupboards for?

Whichever option of cabinet you decide upon, each one can be used to store your items in.

What is the best metal storage option for large items?

We would suggest that one of our Tall Cabinets is the ideal option as it gives you a lot of storage space to play with.

Are the shelves in the utility cupboards adjustable?

Yes, each shelf can be moved around inside the unit to create a bespoke storage space.

How much weight can each shelf inside the metal storage cabinets take?

Each shelf can take 75kg of weight.

Does the metal cupboard range have locks?

Yes, each cabinet has a 3 point key lock installed.

Do you offer a choice of colours in your garage cupboards?

Yes! The back and side of each unit is Light Grey (RAL 7035) and fronts can be Gentian Blue (RAL50100, Light Grey (RAL7035)< Crimson Red (RAL3004) or Anthracite (RAL7016)

Do you offer a warranty with your metal storage range?

Yes, we offer a 10 year warranty on each of our metal storage cupboards.

Do your metal storage cabinets have wheels?

Only our Mobile Cabinet has wheels on so it is easy to move around. The other options are static.

Do you offer worktops for this range?

Yes. Our Mobile Metal Cabinet comes with a lino top. With the Metal Drawer Shelving Unit and our Metal Base Unit, you can purchase an MPX Beech worktop as an additional option.

Does the metal cabinet storage range come flat packed?

No, you don’t need to worry about putting any of the units together as they all arrive fully assembled so you can just put them in the right place from the start.

How do you organise delivery?

Each unit will come on a pallet from our supplier and we will let you know when delivery will be made.

Where can I put one of your metal units?

Our garage cabinets are ideal in the garage! But you can choose to put them in other locations as well.

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