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FX10002 FlexiPanel Base Trim - 1 piece

FX10002 FlexiPanel Base Trim - 1 piece


The FX10002, Base Trim, is a 2430mm length of trim used to cover the bottom slat of installed FlexiPanel. Both the top and bottom edges have a return to give the installation a professional finished appearance and added depth.

This trim is both functional in protecting the bottom surface of the FlexiPanel (usually at floor level) and also serves as a decorative accent piece to “finish off” the appearance of the installation.

This trim is an extruded, rigid PVC in yellow. It can be cut to any desired length using a jig saw, circular saw, or miter saw. Installation is just snapping it into the bottom two rows of slots in the panel; no fasteners or mastic is required.

Product Details
Part Number: FX10002          
Load Capacity:  Not Applicable
Dimensions:  2430mm (W), 110mm (H), 6mm D
Shipping Weight: 2.6kg
Shipping Method: Courier
Assembly Required: Yes
Assembly Difficulty: Minor – snaps into the bottom two slots of the FlexiPanel.
Related Installation Requirements: Installs on FlexiPanel only.

Package Contents1 x base trim of 2430mm

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