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Cabinet Shelf

FX1007 Cabinet Shelf


The FX1007 Cabinet Shelf is constructed of steel and is designed to be used inside our cabinet range.  It is installed on four full width mounting strips and has two rear mounting strips which lock the shelf in position.  This means the shelf will not tip or move when items are loaded on it. The mounting strips can be relocated as your storage needs change over time.

This shelf can be mounted with the front lip either in the down or up position. When mounted in the up position, it behaves as a stop so items will not roll or fall off it.  This shelf can be mounted on the inside of either door in 30+ different locations in the Tall Cabinet and 15+ locations in the Wall Cabinet.

A handy accessory that can be used with this shelf is a Shelf Liner.  This is useful for storing smaller items such as bottles.

Product Details

Part Number: FX1007           
Load Capacity:  31kg
Dimensions:  66cm (W), 2cm (H), 36cm (D)
Shipping Weight: 2.26kg
Shipping Method: Courier
Assembly Required: Yes
Assembly Difficulty:  Minor, snap mounting strips into slots.
Related Installation Requirements: Installs inside of the Wall Mounted Cabinet (FX1005A)

Package Contents:  1 x Cabinet Shelf and 4 x Mounting Strips.

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