FX4011E Double Point Hoist


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The FX4011E Double Point Hoist is used for storing heavy items on the ceiling of your garage.  It gives you precision on the lift as you have two lift points to keep the item steady when hoisting. 

The patented safety locking clasp engages/disengages when you pull or release the lift line and the clamp safety lock means even if the item slips whilst being lifted, it will not fall on the floor.  The maximum load weight of 20kg and vertical lift of 1.8 makes this a good all round choice.

Product Details

Part Number: FX4011E          
Load Capacity:  20kg
Dimensions: Not Applicable
Shipping Weight: 2kg
Shipping Method: Courier
Assembly Required: Yes
Assembly Difficulty: Minor, Assembly Sheet
Related Installation Requirements: Installs on a ceiling joist at 3 points or use our PowerTrack
Package Contents:  1 x double point hoist package, 1 x assembly sheet.

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