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Tool Holder for using inside Garageflex Tall Cabinets

FX4020 In-Line Tool Holder (In-Cabinet)


The FX4020 In-Line Tool Holder (In-Cabinet) is designed to accomplish two things: 1) mount inside a Tall cabinet and 2) conserve space by holding tools stacked in-line. If not stored in-line the tools would be spaced side-by-side taking up much more space. This Tool Holder can accommodate both long handled and short handled items.

This Tool Holder has two mounting positions. 1) on the centreline of the cabinet for storing tools that are very wide (ie. wide push brooms) or 2) on either the right or left sides of the cabinet. When mounted on either side of the cabinet, two Tool Holders can be used.
Product Details
Part Number: FX4020          
Load Capacity: 9kg
Dimensions: 190.5mm (W), 178mm (H), 286mm (D)
Shipping Weight:  2.3kg
Shipping Method: Courier
Assembly Required: Yes
Assembly Difficulty: Minor- Install Mounting Strips in Cabinet   Assembly Sheet
Related Installation Requirements: Installs inside of the Wall Mount Cabinet (FX1005A) & the Tall Cabinet (FX1006E)

Package Contents:  1 – In Line Tool Holder (In-Cabinet), 4 – Mounting Strips and 1 – Installation Sheet

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