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Football Storage Unit for the Garage Wall

FX6006 Medium Ball Holder - Last One!


The FX6006 Medium Ball Holder is for storing and displaying a medium sized balls such as a football or volley ball.  The holder comes supplied with a locking bracket and is mounted on FlexiPanel or FlexiTrack

This ball holder has three gripping arms which are injection molded using engineering resin which gives it flexibility, yet will firmly hold your sports ball and never lose its gripping power. The holder’s edges are rounded and will not mark or damage your sports equipment.

Product Details

Part Number: FX6006          
Load Capacity:   Not applicable
Dimensions:  203mm (W) x 184mm (H) x 171mm (D)
Shipping Method: Courier
Package Contents:  1 x Medium Ball Holder, 1 x Cover Plate, 2 x Nuts / Bolts, 1 Bracket (2  pcs.)

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