FX9000 D Hanger Hook for your Garage Ceiling


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The FX9000 D Hanger Hook is a component of our PowerTrack Ceiling System and features a hanger hook with a large, flat holding surface.  Once you have the PowerTrack Channel (FX9150) installed, various hooks and racks are used to move things around easily, without fasteners such as screws or nails.
Product Details

Part Number: FX9000          
Load Capacity:   18kg
Dimensions:   177mm (W), 254mm (H), 12.7mm (D)
Shipping Weight:  1kg
Shipping Method: Courier
Assembly Required: Yes
Assembly Difficulty: Minor - Assembly Sheet
Related Installation Requirements: Installs on PowerTrack.

Package Contents:  1 x D hanger Hook, 1 x Channel Nut, 1 x Threaded Connector and 1 x Assembly Sheet.

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