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PSCREWE 1 5/8" Screw for Panel / Trak - 100 pieces

PSCREWE 1 5/8" Screw for Panel / Trak - 100 pieces


The PSCREWE 1 5/8" Screw for TekPanel and TekTrak is a package of 100 pieces. These 1 5/8" long screws are the standard length screw for installing TekPanel or TekTrak and is the screw included with these kits.

The PSCREWE package of 100 pieces would be purchased if additional screws are needed over those supplied with the TekPanel or TekTrak kits.

These screws are #6, flat head, phillips drive, bugle head, coarse threaded with a sharp point. The head is epoxy coated to color match the TekPanel and TekTrak. The threaded body has a yellow chromate rust resistant finish. Each of the described features is important to providing a successful panel or trak installation. 

Product Details

Part Number: PSCREWE           
Load Capacity:  Not applicable
Dimensions:  .347" dia head x 1 5/8” long
Shipping Weight: 3 lb.
Shipping Method: Courier
Assembly Required: Yes, used to install TekPanel and TekTrak
Assembly Difficulty: Minor
Related Installation Requirements: Used to install TekPanel and TekTrak
Package Contents:  100 x 1 5/8” screws.

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